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MA Wedding & Family Photographers - The Nardello's



We are that couple.

The couple who's been together forever.

Who finishes each others sentences.

  Who cries, when we talk about how proud we are of one another.

The couple that is always together.

The couple who's friends go to for advice, on love and relationships


We love being in love. 


Hi, We are Christopher and Ashley Nardello.


Together, we created 

The Nardello's - A Husband and Wife Photography co.  

We are based out of Worcester Ma. but travel for weddings in Boston often and even travel for destination wedding photography so please don't hesitate to ask..


We are deeply connected to people who value emotions, and love their people something fierce


We aren't just photographers

We are artists

We craft heirlooms

We ensure peace of mind


We connect the Present to future generations



If you are looking for wedding photographers in Worcester, or wedding photographers in Boston


We are the team for you.

Down to earth, genuine and fun...


We tell wedding stories - filled with vibrant colors, and a mix of candid, and emotional moments

We are here to guide and help you.

Your wedding photography is the most important part of the day but the last thing you should worry about. We have you covered.


contact us to speak about your event