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Central Ma Wedding & Family Photographers - The Nardello's

 Your loved ones mean everything to you. Every moment spent with them is precious.

Each year as we get older, OR fall deeper in love - we further understand the value of closeness. 


Welcome, we are so glad you came.

We are Ashley & Christopher Nardello. Central Mass Wedding Photographers and Lifestyle Family Photographers. 


We are here to help you celebrate your love, life and legacy.

Our boutique photography studio located in Worcester Massachusetts.


If you are looking for FAMILY PORTRAITS - CLICK HERE 


For WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, please continue reading


Our style while photographing weddings focuses on emotional moments.

With a mix of posed and candid images. We don't filter our clients.

We allow the raw and real moments to happen, but won't leave you hanging allowing you to stand there without direction -

when and if you need it. 

 If you are looking for a wedding photography team that is committed, professional, and dedicated to your happiness, please look no farther.


We are the type of wedding photographers that bring out the best in you and your guests. We are expert "formal photo" posers.


What sets us apart in a sea of wedding photographers, is our commitment to your legacy.

Our process includes helping you memorialize your legacy by creating beautiful artwork to help decorate your home.

Our bespoke albums and archival artwork will leave a stunning impression on everyone you meet.




 You don't need to be a model. We never post fake sessions with fake brides or families.

We work with real people, real weddings, capture genuine bonds, and appreciate real lives. 

No matter what shape, size, or gender, we make working with us feel comfortable and relives stress. 

Our greatest compliment over and over has been -

"We felt so comfortable, even though we don't like getting our picture taken..."

We are here to guide you, so you can set all of those worries aside.

Live in the present, and create memories.


We are passionate people who love what we do, and love to share our passion for wedding photography with the world.

With over ten years of wedding (and family) photography experience, we are dedicated to professionalism and satisfaction.

Peace of mind is a part of our service. 




  We can't wait to meet and learn about you and your loved ones.

We know you're busy, so we wont ask you to sit down for coffee unless you have time.

we are expert "Face-timers"!  



We can't wait to work with you, and exceed all of your expectations. 

Christopher and Ashley Nardello






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