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Details and answers to commonly asked WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY questions...


Will We be on your Blog that features wedding photos?

The short answer is Maybe. Not all weddings are blogged, but all are featured on some form of social media. When we photograph 

Celebrity Clients we offer a NON-Disclosure option that maintains strict privacy, and storage of images on a secure server. This option is

available to all of our clients. 


Do you Travel?

YES! We are located in Worcester Ma. We travel for wedding in and around Boston and do weddings all over New England and beyond. While we love to travel we only take destination weddings on a case by case basis.  Email us! We can daydream together about your vision. 


When will I get my photos back?

30-45 days for full wedding photography galleries. Sneak peeks are usually up within 2-3 weeks.


Can I print my wedding images?

YES, All of our packages include digital files. 


What should you wear to your engagement session?

Be you, be comfortable... we will chat more about this depending on where we are shooting, I always have detailed advice!


Should we meet before our wedding? 

We are located in Worcester Massachusetts and primarily photograph weddings in the Worcester or Boston area. If you are local, yes we prefer to meet at your availability of course.

DESTINATION couples - you have the option to join us on video calls prior to wedding date. We are excited to "meet" you no matter where you are!

Let's meet for a coffee (or a bottle of wine), and talk more about your vision. 


How do you handle destination weddings?

We always go with a plan, and a back up plan. We are experienced international travelers.

We scout locations and ensure we know exactly what we are doing before our adventure. 

As a part of our unique process, our couples come with us the day after the wedding for an excursion. Fully dressed and ready to shoot. We hit the sights.

We make the most out of being at your location and focus on diverse and amazing imagery. 


What are your travel fees?

All Travel Associated Cost (flights, buses, rental cars or taxis)

and a location based travel fee. Please contact us, and we can discuss your event in detail.



Contact us here Ashley@cleopatraphotography.com or call 1-508-360-7816. We text back or respond to your email within 2 hours.