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Welcome to Cleopatra Photography Boston's Best Newborn and Lifestyle Photographer

Here you will find information about each session type and details on what to expect

Frequently asked questions and answers are located at the bottom of this page


These are our signature Engagement Photography sessions taken all over the New england area.

We usually schedule what I like to call, a "walking session" because you'll rarely be doing any sitting.
We go to your location(s) of choice, and move from spot to spot.

The only thing I ask of you, is that you come prepared for lots of cuddling, hugs, and kisses.
Most of my sessions are scheduled for about two hours before sunset or bright and early, to make sure we get that "good light" us photographers are always searching for. I invite you to bring a change of clothes or layer clothing so we can get a few different "looks" on your day.
Cleopatra Photography also offersexclusive locations at an additional charge
that will wow any future bride and groom.
Please inquire by email for more information on where Ashley's imagination can take you.
The possibilities are endless.



Cleopatra Photography "Connected" sessions are Family and or children sessions,
done at the location of your choice.
You can choose from multiple locations such as downtown boston, a park, the beach, or even at your own home. I strive to make your session unique and fun and my funky/urban edge is what makes Cleopatra Photography different. You will never hear me say "say cheese" because I'd much rather capture your families real expressions.
Don't worry mommies, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to pull the laughs out of your tough little one that "never smiles in pictures"

In my opinion, the best images come from your natural interaction with each other, just being yourselves.
I am passionate about helping you make those moments last a lifetime.
Most of our sessions are done an hour or two before sunset
in order for us to take advantage of "the good light"
I suggest fun and bright colors, layers, hats, and lastly to stay away from identical matching outfits.


Bring out your inner Rockstar...
leave the cheesy props to the other guys....
come have your modeling, band, or senior photo shoot done with my signature Brand

All of our Rockstar photography sessions are done outdoors in natural lighting, at the location of your choice.
If you want stand out funky photos that represent the real you!


At Cleopatra Photography,
we offer unique Maternity and Newborn photography in the worcester, and greater Boston area.
All of our Baby or Belly sessions may be done in the comfort of your own home.
Of course, we can also suggest places for a chic and modern maternity or newborn session if thats what your looking for.
Most Newborn sessions last about 2 hours because we work around babies needs and let them judge how long your session is. I aim for about 20-30 Gallery images, and some things just can't be rushed.

I ask all mommies to make sure baby is nice and full before I get there and is hopefully sleepy!
Of course, I will try and get some of them with their eyes open and smiling... but sleepy works best for all of those fun and floppy captures. As far as newborn "outfits" I usually photograph your baby in their diaper with a cover, or in their little "birthday suit" works best when trying to get that natural, new baby look.

I am a mommy and I understand accidents happen, and patience is one of my greatest virtues.
We invite the whole family to get invloved in the portraits, but its best if we have at least a small amount of quiet time together with just mommy and the baby to ensure the baby remains calms and relaxed for their modeling shoot.


[boo-dwahr, -dwawr]
a woman's bedroom or private sitting room

Technically, thats what boudoir means...
here is what it means at Cleopatra Photography

Boudoir by Cleopatra Sessions are scheduled for 2 hours,
and take place at the location of your choice.
Most Boudoir sessions are done in the comfort of your own home,
or at an exclusive location for an additional charge.

These sessions are usually held at hotels that offer luxury rooms and suites.
The total cost of your session is based on room or suite pricing at the time of your booking.

The added bonus of scheduling at an exclusive location is that you may then keep the room
for the remainder of the day if you choose to do so.

*Frequently Asked Questions*

Do you have a studio location?

YES I do! However, its on a rental basis only and ads $75 per hour to your session. I mainly shoot newborns and babies here.
I can suggest a wide variety of places we can go to complete your session if you don't have a special place in mind. Boudoir sessions may be done at a hotel your home or the studio as well.

How soon will I get to see my pictures from our session?

please refer back to your agreement

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept mastercard , visa, and discover through paypal, even if you don't have a paypal account. Payments must be made in the form of Cashier's or personal check , cash or credit/debit card .

When is payment due?

The initial deposit to book an event such as a wedding is 25% and is due within 7 days of booking. ALL retainers are non-refundable. All payments and sales are final. Digital images are not included in session fees unless specified. 

For Portrait Sessions payment is due at the time of booking and any additional fees the day of the session. No photographs will be taken before payment is received.
Session fees are due upon booking, because our time is very valuable.

What is the expected shipping time for my prints?

Shipping time varies by product ordered and shipping method selected. Processing time for most prints will be within 18-20 business days plus shipping time. Album processing time is 8-12 weeks plus shipping time. We offer Fedex 2-day , Fedex Ground and Fedex overnight through our printing companies.

How Much does shipping cost?

Based on size and weight

Larger prints such as gallery wraps and canvas shipping costs vary based on weight.


In the event of a "wash out" your portrait session will be rebooked or rescheduled for our studio location at our earliest convenience. Weddings will be held as usual, so please keep in mind its best to have an alternate location in the event of incliment weather.
Any deposits paid are non-refundable



Session Fees are Non refundable and do not include digital items or prints.

The session fee pays for the travel, time and talent of the photographer. As well as time spent at a reveal session with you, to preview your edited images.