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Tiny Tribe of Five - Photography Mentor-ships

Are you a budding young photographer looking to improve your skills?

Welcome! You have come to the perfect resource to take your artistic abilities to the next level. 



My name is Ashley Nardello.


My family and I have formed what is called the Tiny Tribe of Five.  

We are setting out on an adventure - around the United states

hosting traveling photography workshops and mentor-ships.

We offer curriculum for both beginner and intermediate levels.


What sets this Tribe apart,  is that we have pioneered a TEEN MENTOR-SHIP program.

The Tiny Tribe of Five's Teen program is unlike any other in the world. 

How? Because our program offers both paid and scholarship opportunities for underprivileged teenagers all over the US.  


Together with your help, we have created a place for everyone to flourish.


Our vision is to provide a fun, authentic and comfortable environment for budding photographers to break out of their shells.


2018 - 2019 Tour Destinations Include 


Massachusetts - New York - Utah - Arizona - Maine - Wisconsin - California  - Florida - North Carolina - Georgia


 Click here to read more about our Tiny Tribe of Five